Seaweed to the rescue?

Imagine using bricks that are made out of seaweed, instead of cement. It seems far-fetched, but the Queensland coast is […]

Cairns Convention Centre expansion

The Queensland government unveils draft concept designs for the $176 million expansion project that will feature more space for exhibitions […]

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Concrete made from glass?

Researchers have found a way to put mountains of glass waste to good use: turn it into a concrete that’s […]

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A new bridge for Brisbane

The Queensland government has unveiled a new design for a pedestrian bridge that will connect the Brisbane CBD to major […]

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Toowoomba’s Building Boom

Toowoomba is experiencing a surge in commercial construction activity, having ended the 2016/17 financial year on a high note, thanks […]

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Record growth in construction

The commercial sector is largely to thank for construction growth hitting record levels. Progress has been shaped by a surge […]

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