How We Work

Ongoing Relationship

We are renowned for fostering long-term relationships with Developers at every stage of their construction project. We draw on our extensive bank of resources to provide invaluable advice and ensure neither time nor money are wasted in the process.

Building Trust

We get it that when you’re investing a large sum of money and high levels of trust, understanding and transparency are expected throughout the process. Our actions and communications are governed by our core values of fair, reasonable and well thought-out options. We also know that a satisfactory commercial construction project demands bringing outcomes to the fore, sometimes at the expense of popularity.

Quality Projects

Our project quality is underpinned by employing our own carpenters. These on-staff, full time carpenters and tradespeople are complemented by a contingent of hand picked, rigorously tested sub-contractors. The mix ensures that we maintain quality standards and minimise defects.

Fixed Price

Clients like to conclude their financial arrangements up front, making them ardent fans of our commitment to fixed contract pricing. Our quote gives you peace of mind, while we can arrange the necessary resources to deliver your project. Our fixed priced offers include an exhaustive inventory of inclusions and exclusions, for complete transparency.